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Before connecting with Jo I was busy, I couldn’t find the time and didn’t know where to start prioritising, especially for myself.

My session with Jo was amazing! She made me feel so comfortable, she is such a kind, calm and compassionate person who really helped me to determine what changes I needed to make in my life in order to live my best life everyday.

At a cross roads, I wasn’t really sure which step to take next and Jo worked with me to break it down step by step. Together we carved out a clear goal which, will hopefully have a domino effect into other areas in my life for the better.

After having the session a friend commented that I had a great aura about me and that my eyes were clear and sparkly. I felt emotionally energised and lighter.

To sum up my experience in 3 words I would say Empowering, Inspiring and Open.

Natalie Buchanan

The coaching session with Jo was amazing! She is easy to talk to. She helped me clarify my confused mind and set life goals and action points that are achievable. I am feeling great having implemented those action points and wouldn’t have achieved the same without Jo’s help.
Kathleen Chiu

Jo is so approachable and she gives off such a calm and radiant energy, I immediately felt I was in a safe space and could just be open to it.

Going into the session I was excited to see how we would go and if the goals would be right for me. And they were. Jo touched on all the right things and was able to pinpoint such easy steps that were right in front of me to help turn things around in such a positive way. I enjoyed Jo’s ability to relate as both a mother and business owner.

The biggest take-away for me was that if you take out the time to stop and reflect – like you do in a life coaching session then it becomes clear about what is in front of you. One of the ideas Jo helped me come up with is to take a few minutes out each night with a pen and paper and just jot down some ideas, thoughts or to do lists from my mind into a book.

My husband has noticed the incredible clarity and drive in me to make time not only for being organised at home but for myself. He is totally on board with all these positive changes. I am calmer and feel more in control – which was my goal!

Daniella Stein

Before connecting with Jo I was feeling ​unsure with what was holding me back from making myself visible​, and it showed up with making me feel stuck​ and frustrated. I also wanted to check back in with my goals.

The biggest shift I experienced from the session was discovering that my “why” with why I was in business was not what I thought it was. Jo made me see that my “why” was different, and it felt so good to get this clarity.

I love Jo’s relaxed and reflective approach. Our conversations were heartfelt, and I had the opportunity to feel fully expressed. Jo really listened and spoke from her heart. She has a beautiful mindful approach which is so nurturing.

To sum up my experience in 3 words I would say heartfelt, nurturing, clarity.

Julia Cartwright

I enjoyed the way Jo listened and was able to apply her experience and intuition to what could be blocking my way forward in living life well. Her insightful and fresh perspective helped me rethink my life and be energized with the new possibilities. I also have a few to dos that I hadn’t thought of and am grateful for.

Describing my experience in 3 words I would say relief, believe, begin.

I think the real value of a life coach is to ” hold your hand” while you step back and allow yourself to see the whole picture. Sometimes we are so caught up in the detail that we fear to see the wonder that is our life; unique and beautiful, often with struggle and overwhelm, but always with love, friendships and family. I am sincerely grateful for Jo’s time and perspective.

Anna Greco

Before connecting with Jo I had unrealistic expectations of myself and what I could achieve in a day. I was putting a lot of pressure on myself.

Having not worked with a coach before I was bit nervous going into the session, but Jo made me feel I can really trust her and talk openly. A lot of things shifted during our session, some of which I was not thinking about or was not completely aware of.

The biggest change I have experienced has been the confidence that I can do it, that I can achieve change in how I feel by just practicing the little actions that we talked about. My husband has noticed the difference, he was really happy that I feel good and he likes the idea of our “connection night”.

I really liked Jo’s ability to listen and notice what I say and then lead from that with questions to deeper level of thinking, analysing, understanding.

I enjoyed absolutely everything about the coaching session; understanding, compassion, taking time, suggestions, putting situations in a new perspective, leading me to choose best words, actions that will work for me, helping me to move forward in a more positive way.

To sum up my experience in 3 words I would say amazing, intense, deep.

Kristina Van Rooyen

I was excited going into the goal setting session with Jo. I knew it would be a positive experience but I was blown away by the results we had.

I loved how open and honest Jo was and how she listened so articulately. She helped me read between the lines and see things that were somewhat obvious but my conscious mind was blocking. Jo is very warm and creates a space where you feel comfortable to open up. The session was satisfying, invigorating and gave me so much clarity.

I have come away with a crystal clear why and vision. I also have specific goals personally and for my business, as well as action steps to bring them to fruition. I felt we covered everything perfectly.

If you have been thinking about getting coaching think no more. Everyone needs a coach, someone to help work out what you can’t see. Jo is incredible at reading what you are saying and helping decipher a plan of action.

Janet Bugden

When we started the sessions, I was struggling to find clarity around what I should be focusing on career wise. Having been a performer for such a long time, it was hard to assimilate the ideas I had for the future into something that would take me forward. I knew I wanted to do something that would inspire others – I just wasn’t entirely sure what that would or could be.

The 3 goals we focused on in our sessions are definitely game changers. The biggest change I witnessed in myself was stepping outside of my comfort zone. I booked a course to do next year, I am taking a leap of faith – and that feels good.

My family and friends are seeing me take action and committing to the things that were manifested during my coaching sessions.

Jo listened so intently and was so enthusiastic about sharing the journey with me.

I really enjoyed speaking with someone so like-minded. I felt comfortable saying exactly how I was feeling and knew that Jo would understand how this affected my life in both a positive and negative way.

Working with Jo I found the clarity and confidence I was seeking and I am moving forward with a newfound purpose and meaning in my life.

Lisa Crosato

Jo’s honest and down to earth approach helped me find the clarity I was needing and searching for to get me back on track. Her warm disposition gave me the support and gentle push I needed to break down barriers – limiting beliefs that I had built up around me but were sabotaging my efforts and keeping me stuck. Not only was Jo able to help propel me forward and look at the bigger picture, she helped me harness and gain back my inner wisdom and power. Getting me back in charge of designing my life.

I am truly grateful that I found Jo at this time in my life, she has enabled me to find my clarity and focus again. Giving me the skills to steer my energy, time and resources into the areas that matter to me and my family and make the biggest impact for my life and purpose.

Jo’s approach to our sessions and her belief in me were the catalyst for big changes, not only within me but how I interact and dance with life.

Nina Cruz

Jo’s soothing and grounding presence is always welcoming and kept me anchored in my sessions with her. She is very nurturing and I felt safe exploring different areas of my life with her, especially Spiritual growth. My time with her has allowed me to really reflect and dig deeper into my blocks. Each session I emerged feeling more confident, motivated and aligned. Jo is very caring and supportive and I always look forward to our time together.
Khai Lin Chuah

Jo creates a beautiful and inspiring coaching space to explore your deepest wishes. She has your highest intent at heart and keeps you accountable to action. Jo has a depth of wisdom to share on self-care.
Holly Gibbons

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