Hear stories from

Julie Parker

Founder of The Beautiful You Coaching Academy, The Editor in Chief of inspired COACH Magazine, a published author, podcast host and in demand speaker. Julie is also a modern day Priestess.

Dr Danielle Arabena

Medical Doctor, specialist and educator with a keen interest in women’s and children’s health, menstrual wellness and childbirth.

Joanna Turner

Joanna Turner, is an International Speaker and leading Spiritual Success Mentor, (and former Chartered Accountant!)

Nisha Moodley

Women’s Leadership Coach, founder of Global Sisterhood day and new mother

Sabrina Lynn

Founder of ReWilding for Women, teacher, speaker, workshop & retreat facilitator & host of the weekly ReWilding for Women podcast

Christine Gutierrez

Latina psychotherapist, love addiction expert, life coach and expert in trauma, abuse, & self-esteem, founder of the non profit Therapy is Cool

Shola Arewa

Founder/Director of Energy 4 Life Wellness Coach Training. Mentor for Coaches, Yoga Teachers and Therapists. Award winning Coach, Author and International Speaker on all things Energy and Wellness.

Liv Hadden

Clarity Guide and creator of Self-Aware Millennial, the podcast, award-winning fiction author and former owner of The Offbeat Writer

Thérèse Cator

Life-long artist, leadership coach, soul guide and mother to an energetic toddler.


Khai Lin is Life Coach dedicated to helping her clients find Goal & Soul Alignment, a passionate gardener & lover of plant wisdom


Yoga Educator & Yoga Therapist

Paula Orozco

Intuitive Life Coach, Reiki Master Teacher, Spiritual Teacher and Retreat Facilitator

Diana Nguyen

Massage and Craniosacral Therapist, Energy Healer & Shaman

Rakai’el Webb

Internationally known Lemurian Priestess, Sound Alchemist, and Founder of the Lemurian School of Remembering.

Sandra Frain

Inspired educator and creator of nature-based programs for children and adults. Founder of Wise Ways Work and elder in the Steiner (Waldorf) education movement.

Catherine Robertson

Reiki Master, Intuitive Counsellor and author of “How 60 Days of Gratitude Can Transform Your Life”. Catherine is also a co-facilitator of Family Constellation Workshops and Wild Meditation Retreats

Suzanne Cleary

Mindfulness Teacher and Conscious Living Coach

Shivani Hawkins

Meditation teacher, multi-disciplinary artist, and the founder of two schools: Living Sanskrit and The Center for Natural Mind.

Tahlee Rouillon

Tahlee Rouillon is a music composer extraordinaire and founder of Sonesence. She creates sonic sanctuaries for empaths & sensitive souls through her soothing meditones music.

Theresa Vee

Spiritual teacher, speaker, healing arts practitioner, mentor, and Angelic channel.

Melinda Adams

Energy Intuitive, Spiritual Teacher & Mentor

Dr Laurie Moore 

Intuitive-reader, coach and certified animal communication specialist. Author of many books on love, spirituality, transformation, and animal communication.

Shauna Lay

Women’s Life Coach, Yoga Teacher, Co-Founder of Give One Dollar A Day and mama of two.

Krista Bjorn

Writer, Photographer and Green Witch, grower of herbs, creator of medicines and unabashed lover of healing plants.

Luh Manis

Balinese Priestess (Jero), yoga and meditation teacher.

Amy Taylor-Kabbaz

International award-winning coach, author and host of ‘The Happy Mama Movement podcast

Dominique Oyston

An opera singer, healer, voice and performance expert, ancient wisdom specialist and founder of The Goddess Voice Academy

Mariko Brenner

Writer, a healer and certified Reiki Master and Yoga Teacher, she is an Intuitive Happiness and Business Consultant.

Jolinda Johnson

Women’s Health Coach, Speaker, and Priestess.

Lizzie Moult

International speaker, host of The Wild Success Podcast, intuitive business strategist and success coach, world traveler and a modern day wild hippy.

Jill Lacina

Qoya teacher, primal work practitioner and digital marketing freelancer

Zena Rose

Yoga teacher, tantra practitioner and massage therapist.

Lisa Kotz

Intuitive healer, Reiki Master, claircognisant and clairsentient Lemurian Priestess and an alchemical sacred space holder. Lisa is also an intensive care nurse, certified integrative health coach and an entrepreneur.

Simran N’golet

Artist and Spiritual Mentor, host of the Progressive Starseed Podcast, soul reader and light language healer.

Clare Kinsey

Mindset, Career, and Empowerment Coach. Marketing Director at a global financial services company & a modern day corporate hippy.

Cheri Dostal Ryba

Mama, lover, wife, writer, Franklin Method Movement Educator and Yoga Therapist.

Vanessa Codorniu

Acclaimed psychic intuitive, clinical hypnotherapist and international intuition trainer. Founder of Intuitive Leverage™ ~ an 8 week intuition boot camp that gives structure to the invisible so you can make your sensitivity your greatest advantage in life & business!

Denise Silk

Founder of Bravely Speaking, insightful global speechwriter, teacher and coach as well as a published poet and songwriter.

Kritika Datt

Women’s empowerment coach, founder of my conscious transitions and the co-founder of SparKd – a coaching and mentoring hub for women that are committed to their personal development.

Lindsay Mae (aka Annana)

Writer, Heart support, Birthworker, Disrupter