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Craniosacral Therapy, or CST, is a gentle yet powerful light-touch healing modality. It offers a safe, sacred space where the whole person is honoured, held and heard.

By trusting the body’s own wisdom and ability to heal itself, CST supports healing on many levels.


Results of CST sessions differ as they are guided by what your body wants to work through. Your body holds blocks and restrictions for all sorts of reasons, from physical strains and injuries to emotional blocks. The treatment is a safe, gentle way for your system to express and unwind. It is a safe way for old traumas to be energetically released from your body’s tissues without the need to revisit them mentally or verbally. CST sessions are profoundly relaxing and should leave you feeling balanced, calm and aligned.


There are different approaches to CST, which range from working solely with the inherent healing forces of nature (biodynamic) to those which, if guided by the system, may also use physical techniques (biomechanical).

I trained at the College of Craniosacral Therapy in London where they teach an integrated approach to CST, incorporating both biodynamic and biomechanical approaches.

My treatment approach is primarily biodynamic, but as it is guided by your system I may also use biomechanical techniques. These are all very gentle and work together with your body.

If you are familiar with CST and have a preference as to how I work, please let me know. I am registered practitioner with the Pacific Association of Craniosacral Therapists (PACT). You can read more about biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy on their website.


I will take a brief medical history and we will talk about specific areas you would like to focus on and anything else you feel I need to be aware of.

You will remain fully clothed for the treatment. You can wear whatever you like, but you may be more comfortable in loose-fitting clothing.

The treatment is generally carried out with you lying on your back on a massage table. If you are not comfortable on your back, treatments can be carried out in any position.

There are toys available and children can play during your treatment. Babies can also be held or nursed during treatment, whatever is most comfortable for them and you.

I will tune in energetically with my hands off and then the rest of the treatment involves a series of light-touch hands-on techniques.

I will always work at the sacrum with my hand under your pelvis and later at your head, both important touch points for Craniosacral Therapy (hence the name).


To work through specific restrictions and issues I recommend a series of 3 sessions, either weekly or fortnightly. You may also enjoy regular treatments for the wonderful sense of inner calm.


Drink plenty of water after a session to support your body detoxifying and releasing. It is possible to feel a little light-headed for a short time afterwards, so be gentle with yourself.

Location: Dr Ford’s Chiropractic Clinic, 37 Eastern Valley Way in Northbridge, NSW, Australia 2063.

Please call +61 424 232 473 to arrange an appointment.

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