Awaken The Light In You

Are you dreaming of a more soulful life?

A life that feels true to your highest self, aligned, connected and joyful –

without having to turn your whole world upside down?



Simply Soulful Coaching sessions offer you time and space to dedicate to your soul’s journey. Safe and sacred, free from judgement or expectation, inviting in your highest self.

You will explore your relationship with your Self, learning to trust, connecting within, honouring any blocks or fears as they arise. In this deep, soul-connected place you will gain clarity of your values and create a vision of how you want to live your life.

Explore options for living aligned to your truth and your highest potential. Fully embody your beautiful, spiritual, soulful self. Should fears and resistance arise, together we will see and hear them with presence and mindfulness. This allows the energy to shift and transform, they lose their power, light falls into the shadows.

When you know, trust and honour your highest self, your Universal connection, your oneness with all that is, life begins to transform around you – as if by magic.

My promise to you is that I will keep it simple and manageable. Deep connection and meaning can be found without turning your world upside down.


Lost? As if you have strayed from your path?

Confused? Longing for something ‘more’ but unsure of your next step?

Torn? The external ‘you’ and internal ‘you’ feel like different people?

Disconnected? Misunderstood by those you love?

Afraid? Worried about sharing your feelings with family or friends, what might they think?

Resistant? Nervous of what you might find?

Over it? Does opening up to spirituality feel like another ‘should’ on your ‘to do’ list?


Commit to a coaching journey, honour yourself by doing the work, and you will:

Create a deep connection to yourself
Get clear on your values and your soulful vision
Get aligned with your inner truth
Commit to yourself and your soul nourishment

Gain an inner sense of peace and trust in life
Create a life that flows, that feels on track
Feel lighter, hopeful, joyful and abundant
Discover freedom, purpose and self-worth

Feel excited and enthusiastic about life


My intuitive and energetically connected style of coaching works best for those interested in exploring themselves at a deep heart and soul level.

You may have dabbled in spiritual practices: maybe yoga, meditation, journalling, gratitude, affirmations or mindfulness – but you haven’t yet found a way to regularly connect to and live in alignment with your highest self.

You GET what I’m saying, maybe you’ve had glimpses, a few ah-ha moments, and you know there is something more to life.

You may even understand and believe in a greater truth – our Universal Connection in whatever way is meaningful for you.


Find out more with an obligation free, complimentary 30-minute Discovery Session.

We will explore what you are looking for and whether my coaching program is the right fit for you.

Click below to book in a session with me, I would love to hear from you.


Find your OWN Soulful Way and learn to Let Love Lead your Life.


3-Month Coaching Series

Your Investment $1333

Payment Plans

Pre-Coaching Questionnaire

Reflecting on where you would like to focus your coaching journey.

1 * 90 min Coaching Session

Craft focused and personalised goals that light you up and inspire you. Set starting point actions and begin the momentum.

5 * 60 min Coaching Sessions

Fortnightly sessions to inspire, support, challenge, explore, celebrate and keep you gently accountable to your vision.

Email Support

Unlimited email support throughout the series, and for 2 weeks after the completion of our series*.

*Please note that this is within my own work day boundaries – an area we will look at for you as well.

Additional Support<br />

Worksheets, suggested reading, meditations, music and/or journal exercises are also available to enable you to get as much as possible out of our time together.

Bonus 1

Personalised Simply Soulful Meditation

A guided meditation with beautiful backing music recorded specifically for you, to support you on your coaching journey.

Bonus 2

FREE Intuitive Energy Clearing

30 minute Skype Energy Clearing Session, using both Craniosacral and Intuitive Energy Techniques.

Bonus 3

Additional Discounts

20% discount on Craniosacral Therapy Sessions (Sydney based). These can support your coaching journey by energetically working through blocks, fears or resistances.

If you wanted to continue your journey after the completion of this program, I open up the option to book single coaching sessions at the price of $160 (valued at $200). This 20% discount extends across all future purchases.


Find your OWN Simply Soulful Way

Start small, start simple, start now.

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