An Inner Calling

Is an inner voice calling out to you, but you’re not sure what it’s saying?

Do you feel a sense of emptiness, a longing, but are not sure what to do about it?

Here I share how to stay in aligned action, even in the unknown, including a simple, practical yet powerful technique to find your momentum.



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An Inner Calling

Do you struggle with feeling that there’s something more that you could be doing something bigger, something different?

Something is calling you to move in a new direction but you don’t know what it is? So you don’t do anything.

Maybe your ideas and dreams and visions are so big! There are so many different things that you could do to move you in that direction, you also end up not doing anything. Or scrambling around doing little bits here and there, but nothing that really moves the needle to get you closer to that destination.

This is something that I have personally struggled with. I have really big dreams and so many things that I would like to do, and so many directions that I would like to grow into, in order to show up in service every day for you guys.

And yet so many days I sit there, I’m like, what is the best action for me today? And I don’t know what that is.

What to do with the Unknown

I want to share with you here what to do with the unknown.

Because what I know to be true and what I have seen time and time again in my client’s own outcomes is that the magical unexpected solutions drop in when they are staying in alignment AND in action.

Each day they are taking steps, doing what feels right in that moment that is in alignment with their bigger dreams. And that is where the unexpected solutions are dropping in for them.

My ‘Unknown’ Struggle Story

For me, a pattern that I have is, I am a Virgo and I have perfectionistic tendencies. I don’t want to put things out into the world, in terms of growing my business or serving you guys, and to add value to people’s lives, unless it looks really professional and it’s really perfect.

An Entrepreneur Truth

I guess I want you all to feel that I’ve got all of this under control in the background. But to be honest, I’m just figuring all of this out.

Entrepreneurial Life is new to me. So making sure I’ve got it all ticked and crossed in the background, I still haven’t sorted that one all out.

But what I have worked out is that it was causing me not to show up at all.

What next – the struggle

So having done the incredible Sharing Soulful Stories summit earlier this year and feeling into what next. Thinking I would love to continue the YouTube channel and grow a Podcast from this. Wondering who else can I reach out to, and what can this grow in to, but not feeling like I had clear answers for where this was going yet.

So many things felt good and exciting and I wanted to go in all of the directions, and I was finding I really wasn’t doing anything.

Indeed, I wasn’t even being visible in the summit Facebook group that was created to get in there and talk about spirituality and what it means to all of us and how we’re exploring it to live a more heart-led and love connected and centred life. All good stuff right. So, let’s keep moving forward.

What is Aligned Action?

When I’m working with my clients, there’s a whole bunch of different things that we talk about in getting connected to their authentic self and discovering what alignment looks like for them and clarifying where they’re going.

So they have really got their personal why? And they’ve really got “what” they want to create, that can open the door for the universe to allow the “how” to drop in, in all sorts of unexpected ways, which is where the magic and the miracles happen.

A Simple but powerful solution

What I wanted to share with you is really powerful, yet simple, because the simple solutions are often the best – as long as you do it.

There IS work to be done, but it doesn’t always need to be complicated or crazy amounts of different things.

Here is a journal prompt that I would love to offer to you today that I really feel will help you stay in aligned action even if you don’t know what is next for you, even if you’re not sure what is next for you.

Setting a Pure Intention

Behind this prompt, behind everything, I intentionally hold what I consider to be a really pure intention – ‘that whatever manifests in my life be in the highest and best for all of humanity, for all spiritual beings here walking on the earth as humans.’

And that just holds everything.

I would never want something to manifest for me that is going to cause somebody else not to have their highest and best.

If you have no idea what’s next

If you genuinely have no idea what’s next for you in life, something feels like it’s missing, there is this longing and inner calling that there’s got to be more to life than this going on, but you really don’t know what it is.

So an amazing question to play with that can help tune in on a day to day basis is:  what is life’s best use for me today or right now?

Spend some time journaling on that prompt.

The next prompt, which really could come up with some magical, magical solutions for you, things that you unexpectedly write out if you allow yourself to free write journal after this is :

If I did know what would I do?

Allow yourself to go there because I want to offer to you that your higher self, your intuitive knowing, your body – if you can get out of your mind – knows.

How our inner knowing speaks

Now, the ‘knowing’ that exists in this plain, in this less “3d realm” that can come through, doesn’t always say, okay, today you need to Dah, Dah, Dah, Dah, Dah, Dah.

It doesn’t typically speak to us in that way – for some, it might do and that’s awesome and congratulations if that’s how it works for you.

For me, I hold the big why of what I’m trying to grow with this business, which really at the core and the heart of it is raising the love vibration on the planet because that is what will change the way that we live.

And I can see such a big picture when it comes to that of the magic and the shifts that could happen across the planet if everybody learned how to exist in the love vibration.

Imagine if we learned it in our own households and how to do it with our own children.

And so for me, if I just hold it in that and I am slowly working on bringing that into all that I do, that’s enough.

What is life’s best use for me today? That’s enough.

So those questions, but if you haven’t quite got your big why yet, play with – if I did know, what would I do?

Tell me how you go. I would love to hear how these journal prompts went for you.

This technique is part of living in co-creation with the universe. If you are curious about co-creation, check out my vlog here.

Know your purpose and give your heart a voice.


Do you know your purpose? Why it is that you are here, on this planet, at this time, living your life?

If your heart had a voice…. What would it say?

Spoiler alert – the answer isn’t “I Don’t Know”

This blog was originally intended to be getting passionate about your purpose and then I discovered this :-

‘most people don’t know their purpose’

The very idea that they ‘should’ know is adding anxiety to the mixing pot of an already overwhelming life.

To avoid adding any further anxiety to the planet, let’s gently play with DISCOVERING it.

One idea I’ve heard to connect with your purpose is :

*get curious,

*try lots of new things

*see what you love

This idea does have merit, if you have time as well as organisation and devotion to it.

OR, we could go directly to the source.

Your heart knows.

Know your purpose

The answer to finding your own purpose lies in connecting deeply into your body.

Divine intelligence pulses through your body, just as it does every flower, every tree. Just as they know how to grow, why they are here, and how to BE – so does your body.

It’s the mind that gets in the way.

You can’t ‘think’ your way to this answer.

Why discover your purpose?

Embracing your purpose opens up a whole new perspective and new way of living.

Imagine dropping all the unhelpful thoughts, then dropping the collection of masks you wear and rediscovering your true authentic and DIVINE nature…

and show up for life from that place every day.

Imagine the world if we all gave to and received from the world around us in this deep, connected way.

This is living with presence.

Totally in the present moment. Living present is really living – FEELING life’s pulse in you. That is magic.

There is a magnetic presence to being present.

In this magnetic way you can express and give your heart a voice that is loving, true, honest and totally authentic.

Practicing Presence

Deep, present moment, loving, connected presence takes practice.

Try this now.

Close your eyes and take a few deep breaths, let your breath flow in exactly the same way it was before you placed your awareness on it.

Where in your body can you feel your breath?

Let go of any physical, anatomical ideas of where you might feel it and just see what you can feel…

I’m sure with focus you can feel your breath in your nose, throat, chest and belly…

Stay with me.

Now, can you feel your breath in your hands? Can you feel it in your legs, your back, even in the space around your body?

If thoughts come in, that’s ok – they will do. Letting them drift away again without getting lost in them is the part that takes the most practice.

Take a moment also to notice the spaces in your breath. The little pause as we move from in to out, and out to in.

Do this for a few minutes each day and see whether you begin to feel your breath more completely.

It may even become more meaningful to consider where in your body you can’t feel the pulse of your breath.

Just a few minutes of conscious, intentional breathing every day is one way to practice presence.

This moment is all that is real – remember to live it.

To be here, be now, be in this moment.

As you become familiar with the feeling of connection in your body, invite your heart to speak.

Be open to the possibility of wisdom and deep truths to arise – surrendering into this space, allow and see whether anything bubbles up

Untainted by the mind, untainted by any thoughts.

This is you, the real you, the authentic you.

Learning to express ourselves from this place changes everything.

From this place nothing anyone says or does to you can shake your alignment, your centre, your balance.

It is from this place that you KNOW yourself.

Add so much fulfilment and joy to your life by embracing your purpose and knowing and expressing your beautiful, authentic self.

If you’d like to know more about how presence and purpose could bring more happiness into your life, book a free discovery call here.



Are you missing out on your life? Be Here Now.


Hello, are you here?

How much of you is here, now, reading?

How many other tabs do you have open on your phone or computer? Are there notifications flashing up as you read?

What is happening around you?

If I said to you “bring ALL of your attention to this moment”, how easy is that for you to do?

Present moment awareness is a skill that we are losing in our busy modern-day lives.

We SEEM to be fully engaged in an activity, but a piece of our attention, our monkey mind, is somewhere else.

Where does your mind go to?

Is it to the past, future, worries, anxieties, planning, daydreaming…

It is likely to be anywhere but HERE at a time other than NOW.

Our easily distractible minds are slowly stealing our lives away.

The only life we get to live is the one we are living – right now.

How often do you say (or think) to yourself, where is the time going?

The last day, week, month, year? What have I been doing?

What are you wishing away and then wondering where it disappeared to?

Kids bedtime falls into this category for me.

I look forward to them being asleep, for the space and time to myself, and then look back and wonder whether we truly connected while they were awake.

I’ve realised that even as I am singing bedtime songs to my son, that my mind wanders to writing a blog post, or an idea I’d like to share.

I have to consciously bring myself back to the moment. I know he won’t want Mummy singing songs for too much longer.

Would you like to be more present in your life? With your loved ones?

A little mantra I say to myself (inspired by the book Way of the Peaceful Warrior) is :

Where are you Jo? “HERE”

What time is it Jo? “NOW”

What are you Jo? “I AM THIS MOMENT”

It helps bring me back to the moment, I often use it before meditating (& occasionally during meditation too if my thoughts are running off).


Without even realising it we are programming our minds to jump around constantly, from one idea to the next.

Our devices don’t help.

They have become like a third arm.  As they are programmed to do more and more for us, there are more and more reasons to look at them ALL THE TIME….

So often we are viewing our lives through a lens, rather than living it, a life that is filtered, captured, saved and shared.

Do you ever take a quick snap and then walk away? Feeling excited to get social and share that moment?

Do you stay and take the time to really BE in the moment that you have captured?

That moment IS your life. Remember to live it.

Even if you lock your device away, even if you pop it on aeroplane mode, can you be 100% focused on the task at hand?

It sounds simple, but it takes practice.

What is distracting you from living your life here and now?

Is it the past pulling at your thoughts, or maybe it’s planning the future? Worries, anxieties?

One simply soulful step is to become aware of where your mind is going.

Are you ready to shift out of the problems and plans and discover a way to truly live the only life you get to live – the one that is happening right here, right now?

Book a free call to find out how coaching could help you to be more present in your life. You can read more about life coaching here.

So much love,

Jo xx


Feeling fed up with Life? It could be a Spiritual Awakening!


Are you feeling overwhelmed or stressed? Frustrated, resentful? Bored or disillusioned with life? It could be a Spiritual Awakening.

Awakening is the first step on the path to enlightenment. As another path softly beckons we feel increasingly unhappy with one we are on.

Awakening woman watching sunrise. Photo by Lili Kovac

This life journey doesn’t come with a map and it’s easy to feel lost.

Could it be that you haven’t been journeying on your own path at all? Perhaps you have been on the path of ‘expectations’, your whole life created by ‘doing what you were supposed to do’?


What is awakening?

Awakening is an awareness that there is something more to life. Something beyond what we can see, hear, taste, smell or touch.

A realisation, a knowing, a calling that sparks something within you. This awareness makes itself heard in soft, feminine, intuitive ways. Hunches, dreams, coincidences.


Why are you awakening?

You want to be happy and satisfied with your life – you’ve ticked all the boxes – so what do you do now?

Something is still missing & it wasn’t on the “I’m expected to do” list. You know it isn’t a physical ‘thing’, that nothing outside of yourself will fill this emptiness within.

You are awakening. It is time to listen to those internal whispers, longings, callings. The key to your own happiness lies within you.


Who else is awakening?

It’s beginning to feel like a Spiritual Revolution. So many women (& men) are realising the importance of connecting within. Spending time to get to know their true selves. It takes space, quiet and time to hear those tiny whispers, soul yearnings, and heart longings.

Our higher selves want us to live to our highest potential and if we don’t listen, the universe has funny ways of ‘waking us up’…  Don’t wait for a major life crisis to reconnect with your soul’s journey.


Learning to Listen

Learning to connect within and deeply listen begins with the ability to quiet your mind, usually done by giving it something to focus on. Focussing the mind is a skill, and it takes practice, but as with any practiced skill it gets easier.

One way to practice the art of Mindfulness is using Body Awareness.


  1. Commit to 1 Mindful Minute per day.
  2. Choose a simple task you already do every day, and aim to do it mindfully.
  3. Use an existing habit to makes it easier to stick with it. Habits such as,
    • Getting out of bed,
    • Taking a shower,
    • Brushing your teeth,
    • Tea or coffee time.
  4. Spend the minute being present in your body, notice how it feels.
  5. Use all of your senses.
    • Notice when you wake up, how does your body feel – try having a big stretch & notice the changes
    • Feel the water on your skin in the shower, even turn off the hot water & really feel the cold
    • Feel the bristles of the toothbrush and taste your toothpaste,
    • Sit down and feel the warmth of your morning drink, smell it, taste it. Feel it flow down your throat.
  6. Gift this one minute to yourself every day.

I would love to hear how you go.


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