Hello, are you here?

How much of you is here, now, reading?

How many other tabs do you have open on your phone or computer? Are there notifications flashing up as you read?

What is happening around you?

If I said to you “bring ALL of your attention to this moment”, how easy is that for you to do?

Present moment awareness is a skill that we are losing in our busy modern-day lives.

We SEEM to be fully engaged in an activity, but a piece of our attention, our monkey mind, is somewhere else.

Where does your mind go to?

Is it to the past, future, worries, anxieties, planning, daydreaming…

It is likely to be anywhere but HERE at a time other than NOW.

Our easily distractible minds are slowly stealing our lives away.

The only life we get to live is the one we are living – right now.

How often do you say (or think) to yourself, where is the time going?

The last day, week, month, year? What have I been doing?

What are you wishing away and then wondering where it disappeared to?

Kids bedtime falls into this category for me.

I look forward to them being asleep, for the space and time to myself, and then look back and wonder whether we truly connected while they were awake.

I’ve realised that even as I am singing bedtime songs to my son, that my mind wanders to writing a blog post, or an idea I’d like to share.

I have to consciously bring myself back to the moment. I know he won’t want Mummy singing songs for too much longer.

Would you like to be more present in your life? With your loved ones?

A little mantra I say to myself (inspired by the book Way of the Peaceful Warrior) is :

Where are you Jo? “HERE”

What time is it Jo? “NOW”

What are you Jo? “I AM THIS MOMENT”

It helps bring me back to the moment, I often use it before meditating (& occasionally during meditation too if my thoughts are running off).


Without even realising it we are programming our minds to jump around constantly, from one idea to the next.

Our devices don’t help.

They have become like a third arm.  As they are programmed to do more and more for us, there are more and more reasons to look at them ALL THE TIME….

So often we are viewing our lives through a lens, rather than living it, a life that is filtered, captured, saved and shared.

Do you ever take a quick snap and then walk away? Feeling excited to get social and share that moment?

Do you stay and take the time to really BE in the moment that you have captured?

That moment IS your life. Remember to live it.

Even if you lock your device away, even if you pop it on aeroplane mode, can you be 100% focused on the task at hand?

It sounds simple, but it takes practice.

What is distracting you from living your life here and now?

Is it the past pulling at your thoughts, or maybe it’s planning the future? Worries, anxieties?

One simply soulful step is to become aware of where your mind is going.

Are you ready to shift out of the problems and plans and discover a way to truly live the only life you get to live – the one that is happening right here, right now?

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So much love,

Jo xx