Your Thoughts become Your Reality – Part 2

CHANGE your thoughts and begin creating the reality that you want.

By taking control of what’s happening in your head you can begin shifting from worry to wonder, and start watching your world change around you.

If you missed Part 1 – click here.

thoughts become reality

Emotional Addictions

The part of the science I found really fascinating was that we get addicted to the chemical cocktail our body fires off for different emotions we experience. 

In the example I outlined in Part 1, the addiction is to the emotions that sit behind feeling unsupported, perhaps powerlessness, helplessness or anger.

This is why change is simple, but not easy. 

Choosing new thoughts and actions sets of a reaction of discomfort from our body to our brain, something is unfamiliar & our body wants its usual chemical “hit”. 

Being aware of the process can help us to stay committed to the change. 

Without the awareness leading to us unconsciously creating a situation in our lives that feeds the craving. Confirming our underlying belief.

It is easier to stick with what we know than attempt to create something new.

Re-writing the program – Awareness & Consistency

Consider for a moment your most dominant emotion? Is it anger, worry, overwhelm, sadness, stress. 

Now open your mind for a moment to a new reality.

Recall the line from the movie The Labyrinth? “You have no power over me”. As the lead girl says this line to David Bowie’s character and the “false” world begins to fall apart.

Our thoughts create a reality filter that is all our own, they affect how we see the world around us. 

How is it that the ‘Ice Man’ can do the superhuman things he can do? Scientists are baffled! He has trained his brain & body to not be limited by what most of us believe is possible for the human body.

To begin to reprogram isn’t complicated, but it does need consistency. 

To begin you will be walking a completely unmarked route through the jungle but in time it will becomes a clear and well-marked trail.

The 4 step process to your new reality

Step 1: become AWARE of the thoughts, and catch yourself each time. With kindness and self-compassion – “Hello thought, here you are again.”

Step 2: catch yourself in the old thoughts and STOP. “That’s enough, no more”. Or if stop isn’t working you can DISTRACT yourself, make a cup of tea, go for a walk, do something else to get out of your head.

Step 3: CHANGE – focus on a positive version, what it is you want, rather than what you don’t want. For example, my partner is always a loving support for me. 

Step 4: add a FEELING, what would that feel like to feel supported – this feeling has a energetic vibration, a vibration that you WANT in your life. Where attention goes, energy flows.

Having positively reframed your thoughts, and changed your vibration to match, it is more likely you will enter into a constructive conversation with your partner. 

This increasing the chances that you come out with the results you were hoping for, affirming the feeling that you are supported.

Repeat the new patterns enough times it will be downloaded onto your brains’ hard drive. You will have new happier habits to take forward in your life.


Have you had any big ‘ah ha’s’ reading this? I’d love to hear how your new thoughts have become your reality.