Living In Co-Creation

Video Blog Insights Overview – Secret #1 revealed at 1.50 and secret #2 at 3.00. Client success stories at 5.00. Client manifestation success at 9.15.

Be sure to catch me sum it all up at 9.44 and open yourself up to living in co-creation.

Video Transcription

Hey guys, I just have to come off two of the most amazing strategy, and breakthrough sessions and I wanted to share a little bit about what we were doing in the sessions.

I did email the people on my distribution list, the offer of these free sessions. And if you’re not on my list, jump on and if you’re seeing this on Facebook or Instagram do drop me a note and we can organize a time.

I sent out these sessions as, Manifest your Reality sessions and really looking at where in your life it just ain’t turnin’ out the way you want it to. Is it something that you could manifest differently and where the blocks? So we really got into the nitty-gritty of what is it that you are manifesting.

Now what I wanted to share with you by coming on and doing this video, is why I don’t actually use the word manifestation.

And when I say that I totally did use it. That’s what I called the sessions. And the reason that I called them that is because that is a term that most people are familiar with.

Living in Co-creation

But what I really share with my clients and teach them how to do is something that I prefer to call living in co-creation. And there are two reasons why I use the term co-creation.

Living in Co-creation – we are not in control

The first reason why I use the phrase cocreation is an acknowledgement that we are not actually in control of this.

So living in creation is quite different from living in survival. We do have some control over our thoughts and our actions, but ultimately we could get hit by a bus tomorrow and we can’t control that. There are always going to be external circumstances.

And my understanding of my beliefs around the universe is that a lot of those are put there for us to learn lessons and for our growth and evolution and because there may be a higher purpose.

And looking at that from the eyes of what is the highest and best for all in this and not just what is best for me.

So the first reason I use cocreation is that acknowledgement that we are not actually in control of everything. That is just not possible.

Um, and knowing the difference between what we can and can’t control is, is a whole nother blog post style, a whole nother story, right?

The Manifestation Technique

The second reason that I use the term cocreation rather than manifestation is that traditionally manifestation is putting a specific thing that you, you would like or would desire to happen in your life, uh, into your thoughts and starting to feel that as a reality in your body. Now that is great and that as a technique can work. There’s been so, so, so many people that have proven, um, and the book and the movie ‘The Secret’ have really shown how that technique can work.

What I see with that though, is that most people have a limited perspective on what is possible. So by manifesting what it is that we most desire at this time, we’re limiting it to what we believe is the best outcome or the best solution for a problem or the best shift or the best change for us in our lives that we can see that we want.

But what if there is something better? What if there is something bigger?

And I know, I’ve done vision boards with my mum, even when we were kids. I can’t remember. We’ve definitely had them on our walls in our bedrooms as teenagers. And we always write on the bottom, “May this or something better be manifested for the highest good of all”. And that little phrase does open up to bigger possibilities.

Living in Co-Creation – Unexpected Solutions

But what I really love about living in cocreation as something that is bigger and better than manifestation, and that is it opens up the possibility of unexpected solutions.

And so to highlight what I mean by that, I want to share a couple of client stories with you.

Client Success Stories #1

And the first one is a beautiful client. Um, I’m not gonna name her yet because I don’t know if everybody’s aware of what is happening in her life at this stage.

But I want to share with you that she had a dream of running her own business as um, and, and doing a lot of workshops and things around sustainability and also, um, a particular parenting style coaching. But at this stage, she couldn’t see a way to stop doing the work that she was currently doing and be able to afford to live off that new career.

She was really in, um, just couldn’t see the possibility of how that transition was going to happen, at least not in this existing circumstance where she was paying school fees for her children.

Then an unexpected solution dropped in which actually allowed her to have every single piece of her desired outcome in a way that she could never have expected it.

And to give you details it came up with her daughter wanting to go and finish your schooling somewhere else. And so there’s through this move that was completely unexpected, she is able to rent out her house here in Sydney, earn an income from that property, be moving and living somewhere where the cost of rent is significantly lower. And every piece of it aligns with her values and with her vision that we talked about in a way that she still looks at me and awe and cannot believe that this is really happening.

This reality, this new reality for her that she’s not quite moved into it fully yet, but all the pieces are lined up for that to happen now.

Client Success Stories #2

And then another client who, another client, Kate, who had another similar situation, she was working on her own business. She was building up her own business in coaching and we were working through that and what that would look like.

But when we really got into her why it was just so big and so beautiful and her creating her own business in alignment with that was beautiful. And then the unexpected dropped in and all of a sudden a business opportunity where she’s working with an ex-colleague.

They create the most beautiful synergy when they work together in an area that she could never have quite foreseen, still doing the work that she loves and knows deeply, but in a way where she has the ability now to touch so many more people’s lives and make even more impact and a bigger difference, which is allowing her to start dreaming bigger of what financial abundance she may create from this.

A bigger why..

Because as we need to serve the planet, we do need to be supported. I don’t like the word need. I’m going to rephrase the word need that desire that we have to serve to make this world a better place often and no, every one of my clients when we get to that ultimate why it’s not just about them.

Surrendering the ‘How’

It is so much deeper. It is about how they can contribute to other people’s lives and the difference that they ultimately want to make. And it comes with this pure, incredible, beautiful intention that allows, once they start thinking of the ‘why’ and ‘what’ they want to do towards that, the ‘hows’ just seem to happen by magic, just miraculous solutions.

A manifestation client story

So I have another client who would actually say, “I manifested my redundancy, Jo, I know I manifested this”, but I also know she probably had that redundancy as a thing that she was hoping for as a stepping stone. So she, she had considered that as a possible outcome or an outcome that would be fantastic to take her steps closer to growing her business in the way that she wanted to.

But I love the possibility of opening yourself up to co-creation where the universe just might have a better option for you.

Something that you could not possibly, possibly have foreseen or predicted in your future, by opening to possibility and aligning with a deeper truth and connecting to who you are.

These are the sort of miraculous and unexpected solutions that are dropping in for my clients. So I hope that made sense.

Why co-creation is more expansive than manifestation

The idea of co-creation as a more expansive version of manifestation. One where we’re handing over that and surrendering and accepting the fact that we cannot control everything and we are opening ourselves up to the unexpected solutions that could drop in and allow us to step into that bigger vision of ourselves that can be stepping into a bigger vision of our lives.

One that lights us up and excites us and inspires us every day.

So I hope this video was helpful and I look forward to tuning in with you soon. Bye for now.