Be more Creative, Stretch your Imagination, Dream Bigger – Use these 7 Simple Steps to Remember your Dreams

Are you ready to begin living the life of your dreams?

To create a life of our dreams we first need to be able to Dream it, to Imagine it, to get our minds THINKING about it.

I don’t mean each night in bed we should be dreaming about our dream life, but one way to stretch your imagination muscle is to begin remembering your dreams.

Dreaming also supports creative thinking and solving problems with ‘out of the box’ solutions. Something we could all use, right?

I’m pretty sure you have heard and even used the phrase ‘I’ll sleep on it’, when making a big decision, and then woken up with a better solution in the morning.


So, how does it actually work?

When we dream, we switch off the rational mind. We get our logical brain out of the way. This means we are able to stop limiting the possibilities and our potential, we can even fly!

Hands up who has had a flying dream?

Whilst flying may be a step too far for you to believe in ‘real life’ it does allow us to connect ideas that we wouldn’t ordinarily. Ideas and concepts that rationally wouldn’t be linked in our minds.

This then allows us to come up with new and more creative solutions to our problems. So are you ready to give it a go?

Whether you remember your dreams or not, try this simple 7 step approach for just 7 days and let me know how it goes.


STEP 1 – Support yourself falling asleep – reduce blue light.

To allow yourself to drift off easily to sleep reduce your exposure to blue light.

What is blue light? The simple piece you need to know is that it comes from our devices – phones, tablets, computers & even TV (LED/flat screen) and it tells our brain that it’s still daytime – making it harder to fall asleep.

This means ZERO screen time for (at least) 1 hour before bed. That may feel impossible with our dependency and addiction to our devices but just give it a go for a week.

If your alarm is on your phone, set it & forget it an hour before bed (do whatever you normally do at bedtime, just an hour earlier & leave it there) & remember to make it a nice gentle sound to wake you up slowly.


STEP 2 – Set an Intention

Allow the simple thought of ‘I will remember the messages in my dreams tonight’ to pass through your mind before you go to bed. Once again you are telling this mind what you want it to do.


STEP 3 – Place a journal & pen by the bed

Taking this small action lets the universe (& again your mind) know you are committed to remembering your dreams. You are doing your part of the arrangement.


STEP 4 – Instruct your body/ mind to wake just before the alarm.

We all know how lovely this is and feel so much more rested when we wake up in a ‘light sleep’ cycle, than being hauled out of deep sleep by a screaming alarm clock.

Tell your body to wake you up before the alarm and you can drift slowly awake.

Now sleep.


STEP 5 – Drift awake

Lie in bed for a few minutes after you awake, choose to stay in ‘dream land’ for just a little longer. Observe what is going through your mind.

Dreams can be slippery and have a sneaky way of dissolving if we try too hard to hold on to them.


STEP 6 – Write down the Theme of the Dream

Grab that journal & pen, but rather than trying to write down everything you can recall, just consider what was the overall theme of the dream.

Consider how do I FEEL? What might I have been processing last night?

Take note of any other key elements that stand out in your memory. This can be interesting to reflect on over a few days.


STEP 7 – Repeat – every night for 7 days

Or even better 21 days & begin a new habit.

Look at the daily themes and see what lessons might be hidden in there for you.

Reflect after a week on whether you’ve been feeling more creative, are better able to solve problems and make better decisions.



No worries. Stick with it. Keep inviting your mind to remember your dreams. Set the intention and keep your journal and pen ready for action.

Do you remember your dreams? Let me know in the comments below.