Feeling fed up with Life? It could be a Spiritual Awakening!


Are you feeling overwhelmed or stressed? Frustrated, resentful? Bored or disillusioned with life? It could be a Spiritual Awakening.

Awakening is the first step on the path to enlightenment. As another path softly beckons we feel increasingly unhappy with one we are on.

Awakening woman watching sunrise. Photo by Lili Kovac

This life journey doesn’t come with a map and it’s easy to feel lost.

Could it be that you haven’t been journeying on your own path at all? Perhaps you have been on the path of ‘expectations’, your whole life created by ‘doing what you were supposed to do’?


What is awakening?

Awakening is an awareness that there is something more to life. Something beyond what we can see, hear, taste, smell or touch.

A realisation, a knowing, a calling that sparks something within you. This awareness makes itself heard in soft, feminine, intuitive ways. Hunches, dreams, coincidences.


Why are you awakening?

You want to be happy and satisfied with your life – you’ve ticked all the boxes – so what do you do now?

Something is still missing & it wasn’t on the “I’m expected to do” list. You know it isn’t a physical ‘thing’, that nothing outside of yourself will fill this emptiness within.

You are awakening. It is time to listen to those internal whispers, longings, callings. The key to your own happiness lies within you.


Who else is awakening?

It’s beginning to feel like a Spiritual Revolution. So many women (& men) are realising the importance of connecting within. Spending time to get to know their true selves. It takes space, quiet and time to hear those tiny whispers, soul yearnings, and heart longings.

Our higher selves want us to live to our highest potential and if we don’t listen, the universe has funny ways of ‘waking us up’…  Don’t wait for a major life crisis to reconnect with your soul’s journey.


Learning to Listen

Learning to connect within and deeply listen begins with the ability to quiet your mind, usually done by giving it something to focus on. Focussing the mind is a skill, and it takes practice, but as with any practiced skill it gets easier.

One way to practice the art of Mindfulness is using Body Awareness.


  1. Commit to 1 Mindful Minute per day.
  2. Choose a simple task you already do every day, and aim to do it mindfully.
  3. Use an existing habit to makes it easier to stick with it. Habits such as,
    • Getting out of bed,
    • Taking a shower,
    • Brushing your teeth,
    • Tea or coffee time.
  4. Spend the minute being present in your body, notice how it feels.
  5. Use all of your senses.
    • Notice when you wake up, how does your body feel – try having a big stretch & notice the changes
    • Feel the water on your skin in the shower, even turn off the hot water & really feel the cold
    • Feel the bristles of the toothbrush and taste your toothpaste,
    • Sit down and feel the warmth of your morning drink, smell it, taste it. Feel it flow down your throat.
  6. Gift this one minute to yourself every day.

I would love to hear how you go.


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